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Imprezy forum AT i zloty ogólne Imprezy forum AT i zloty ogólne. Spotkania użytkowników naszego forum. Mają one charakter otwarty: obecność AT wskazana, ale nie jest wymogiem. Piszemy również o imprezach motocyklowych, na które wybierają się nasi forumowicze.

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Domyślnie “LT Enduro season opening 2016”, 2016 April 16-17

2016 April 16-17.
Lithuanian Enduro club event
“Enduro season opening 2016”


Prepare to spend enduro weekend with Your friends, and we promise to prepare for You a memorable program and interesting routes in Pabradės area!

Information about the event:
Date: 2015. April 16-17.
Location: Asveja HOMESTEAD
Jokubiskiu k. - 1 Suzioniu sen., Vilniaus r.
Coordinates: 54.988695, 25.619001 (Google maps)

April 16. agenda:
9.00. - Columns drive away from Vilnius Cathedral Square
(late are not expecting any);
10:00. - Start the registration, settlement homestead;
11:00. - Preparation for the event, briefing;
11:30. - The REFERENCE RIDE and ENDURO ZONE in start;
16:00. - REFERENCE and ENDURO ZONE rides finish;
17:00. - Medals, official part;
18:00. - Music, games, etc.;
19:00. - Video and photo review stories about Enduro trips and adventures;
20:00. - Bath, spend time, music and dance

17 April. The homestead depart until 14:00.

ALL participating must necessarily come to register no later than 10:30 am., As of 11:00 We choose the overall participants briefing.

Cars, trailers and other objects leave the homestead, because the reference area and enduro rides start and finish in the same place. Please come to start with full pertrol in your bike. Before the start you can add. The sighting of the route length if properly driven about 80 km, so hard type of motorcycle fuel tank should be sufficient.

For the SOFT type motorcyclists - ENDURO ZONE event.

Registration from 9:30 am to 10:30 homestead.
In short for those who did not participate in "Enduro zone": According to "legend" to pass the distance and execute more tasks to the "legend" and return to the finish line within the time rate. It will be fixed in time and task execution points.

Instead MOTO3 plans are motocross training Smėliadvario or Pabradės polygon formed by the track. Location and more PARTICULARS further refined.

For HARD ride - Orientation game.

The team consists of 2-3 participants.
Commands are advised to form their own.
Registration from 9:30 am to 10:30 homestead.
Participants briefing about 11:00.
Start and finish of the homestead.
Required equipment: technically in order to register motorcycles, 1 camera, cell phone, GPS devices.
Length of about 70-80 km.

During the event, will be playing music, a cafe-bar with friendly prices, you can buy hot food and drinks.
There will be some interesting surprises, recognized events and games.
Participants sponsors for valuable prizes and surprises!

We invite you all! You will have a nice time!

Participants of the event-homestead tax - EUR 5 (payable on entrance);
Reference entry fee - EUR 10 (payable on registration);
Enduro zone entry fee - EUR 10 (payable on registration);
Accommodation in person - EUR 15 (payable on registration);
Sauna, games and other entertainment are already included in these fees.
Kids event is free.

More information:
Email: Endurorenginiai@gmail.com
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